T2 工作担保资格

An employer needs to have a Tier 2 General licence in order to sponsor a migrant to work in the UK who doesn't otherwise have a right to live and work in the UK. Any employer who is a legitimate business trading in the UK is eligible to apply. The role must be compliant with Tier 2 requirements, i.e. be a skilled occupation and pay the required salary (and at least £20,800 a year) according to the UK Visas and Immigration Codes of Practice (we would need the job title, description and salary before we could specifically advise in this regard).

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) now requests further information in response to a sponsor licence application so they can be satisfied an employer is genuine in its application for a sponsor application, with a need to fill a genuine vacancy and not likely to abuse the terms of the licence.
Whilst it is not a requirement to have identified a migrant worker, the UKVI expects to see at least some evidence of a genuine attempt to recruit a suitable worker. It would consequently be advisable to at least start, and probably conclude, a Resident Labour Market Test (i.e. advertise the job to the resident workforce for 28 days) before making any licence application.


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